Coming Back Online

If you follow me close enough you will know that this past year, compared with the last three, I've been much more quiet online. At least, outside of work. This has been a slow year where I've disengaged from social media a bit, taken some time to get my life and priorities straight, and worked to gain some balance.

But now that year is over and I'm ready to jump back into the fray and talk about cool projects I'm working on, share my thoughts and be a bit louder.

New Website

You can check it out at!

Screenshot of the new website.

I grabbed the GPLv3 licensed source code of my friend Cassidy Blaede's website and spun up my own. Most of the work was done for me, and the look is amazing! Although, I want to continue to put my own touches on it – so as time goes on I'll try to personalize it more.

All around, I am very pleased with the new website, hosted on GitHub – using GitHub pages (Jekyll). It's really cool that I can host it for free there and that is where the code for it would live anyway.

Tooting Away

I'm working to be more active on social media so that folks can keep up with what I'm doing. I really have wanted to use my Mastodon account more – but didn't want to have to post 30 different places in order to keep everyone who follows me in the loop.

Back in Tootland

So, today I finally set up an IFTTT integration that turns my “Toots” into Tweets. So now I will post primarily on Mastodon – but then all my Twitter followers will get to follow what I'm doing too.

So follow me on Mastodon!

My Projects


What have I been up to lately? For the past six months or so I've just been pouring most of my energy and passion into Thunderbird. With the next extended support (stable) release, version 68, coming out in a couple of months – I see that work is paying off. I've also been working my butt off to plan for the following release, 76, where I expect to see some amazing improvements that build upon all of the effort the team has put in this past year.


Beyond that, I've been trying to help out the elementary OS team – trying to lend my business development experience as an advisor. I love elementary so much and am happy that I can help in any way at all.

Now I'm going to try to make some other contributions – build a native app and maybe work on extending online account support.

Other Stuff

I've been thinking about running some classes in real life to teach folks to code through getting them involved in open source projects. Specifically in rural areas, that's where I am from and where I believe a lot more attention is needed. Hopefully I'll get to run a pilot program soon and tell everyone how that goes. If you have an open source project that you maintain and wouldn't mind mentoring some students, let me know.

That's all I've got for today, updates to come more regularly now.